Accepted papers

  1. Nikolay Bazhenov, Manat Mustafa and Sergey Ospichev.  Semilattices of Punctual Numberings

  2. Philip Bille, Inge Li Gørtz and Frederik Rye Skjoldjensen.  Partial Sums on the Ultra-Wide Word RAM

  3. Nader Bshouty, Catherine Haddad-Zaknoon, Raghd Boulos, Foad Moalem, Jalal Nada, Elias Noufi and Yara Zaknoon.  Optimal Randomized Group Testing Algorithm to Determine the Number of Defectives

  4. Suthee Ruangwises and Toshiya Itoh.  Securely Computing the n-Variable Equality Function with 2n Cards

  5. Yixin Cao, Yuping Ke and Hanchun Yuan.  Polynomial Kernels for Paw-Free Edge Modification Problems

  6. Katsuhisa Yamanaka and Shin-Ichi Nakano.  Floorplans with Walls

  7. Wenbin Chen, Fufang Li, Ke Qi, Miao Liu and Maobin Tang.  A Primal-Dual Randomized Algorithm for the Online Weighted Set Multi-Cover Problem

  8. Yuki Takeuchi, Tomoyuki Morimae and Seiichiro Tani.  Sumcheck-Based Delegation of Quantum Computing to Rational Server

  9. Kanaho Hanji, Hiroshi Fujiwara and Hiroaki Yamamoto.  Online Removable Knapsack Problems for Integer-Sized Items

  10. Zhen Zhang, Yutian Guo and Junyu Huang.  An Improved Approximation Algorithm for the Prize-Collecting Red-Blue Median Problem

  11. Yunyun Deng, Yi Chen, Kewen Liao and Longkun Guo.  LP-Based Algorithms for Computing Maximum Vertex-Disjoint Paths with Different Colors

  12. Yutian Guo, Junyu Huang and Zhen Zhang.  A Constant Factor Approximation for Lower-Bounded k-Median

  13. Huishan Wu.  Reverse Mathematics, Projective Modules and Invertible Modules

  14. Zhicheng Liu, Hong Chang, Ran Ma, Donglei Du and Xiaoyan Zhang.  TWO-STAGE SUBMODULAR MAXIMIZATION PROBLEM Beyond NON-NEGATIVE and MONOTONE

  15. Yuni Iwamasa and Kenjiro Takazawa.  Optimal Matroid Bases with Intersection Constraints: Valuated Matroids, M-Convex Functions, and Their Applications

  16. Kévin Perrot, Pacôme Perrotin and Sylvain Sené.  On the Complexity of Acyclic Modules in Automata Networks

  17. Toshihiro Fujito and Tomoya Nakamura.  Eternal Connected Vertex Cover Problem

  18. Ruiqi Yang, Dachuan Xu, Longkun Guo and Dongmei Zhang.  Parametric Streaming Two-Stage Submodular Maximization

  19. Xin Sun, Dachuan Xu, Longkun Guo and Min Li.  Approximation Guarantees for Deterministic Maximization of Submodular Function with A Matroid Constraint

  20. Qian Liu, Jianxin Liu, Min Li and Yang Zhou.  A Novel Initialization Algorithm for Fuzzy C-means Problems

  21. Ronny Tredup and Evgeny Erofeev.  On the Parameterized Complexity of d-Restricted Boolean Net Synthesis

  22. Theofilos Triommatis and Aris Pagourtzis.  Approximate #Knapsack Computations to Count Semi-Fair Allocations

  23. Eleni Bakali, Aggeliki Chalki and Aris Pagourtzis.  Characterizations and Approximability of Hard Counting Classes Below #P

  24. Bugra Caskurlu, Ozgun Ekici and Fatih Erdem Kızılkaya.  On Existence of Equilibrium Under Social Coalition Structures

  25. Yanglin Hu, Darya Melnyk, Yuyi Wang and Roger Wattenhofer.  Space Complexity of Streaming Algorithms on Universal Quantum Computers

  26. Murad Tukan, Cenk Baykal, Dan Feldman and Daniela Rus.  On Coresets for Support Vector Machines

  27. Feng Shi, Jie You, Zhen Zhang and Jingyi Liu.  Tractabilities for Tree Assembly Problems

  28. Xin He and Huaming Zhang.  On Characterization of Petrie Partitionable Plane Graphs

  29. Longchun Wang and Qingguo Li.  Disjunctive Propositional Logic and Scott Domains

  30. Xiaozhou He, Wenfeng Lai, Binhai Zhu and Peng Zou.  Dispersing and Grouping Points on Segments in the Plane

  31. Jens Bruchertseifer and Henning Fernau.  Synchronizing Words and Monoid Factorization: A Parameterized Perspective

  32. Jialu Bao, Kun He, Xiaodong Xin, Bart Selman and John E.Hopcroft.  Hidden Community Detection on Two-Layer Stochastic Models: A Theoretical Prospective

  33. Chunying Ren, Dachuan Xu, Donglei Du and Min Li.  A Primal-Dual Algorithm for Euclidean k-Means Problem with Penalties

  34. Zhenyu Guo, Mingyu Xiao and Yi Zhou.  The Complexity of the Partition Coloring Problem

  35. Bin Sheng.  FPT Algorithms for Generalized Feedback Vertex Set Problems

  36. Yunlong Liu, Jie Chen and Jingui Huang.  Fixed-order Book Thickness with Respect to Vertex-Cover Number: New Observations and Further Analysis

  37. Qiaojun Shu, Yong Chen, Shuguang Han, Guohui Lin, Eiji Miyano and An Zhang.  Acyclic Edge Coloring Conjecture Is True on Planar Graphs Without Intersecting Triangles

  38. Sagar Bisoyi, Krishnamoorthy Dinesh and Jayalal Sarma.  On Pure Space vs Catalytic Space